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Price List/Estimates

The following is a basic price list for some of the services that I provide.  Keep in mind that these are estimates and your particular alteration might be slightly more or less. A more accurate quote can be made at the time of your fitting/consultation.  

Wedding Gowns

  • Hems: $30 per layer for narrow rolled hems, tulle layers, serged/stitched edge or netting (across front only)

  • Hems: $100 minimum for removing/replacing horsehair braid and for double layer hems

  • Lace applique hems: $30/foot of lace to remove and replace (measured across front from side seam to side seam)

  • Remove train: starts at $150

  • Side seam alterations (no lace appliques or beading): start at $60

  • Side seam alterations (remove/replace lace appliques or beading): start at $90

  • Bodice side darts: start at $40

  • Add bra cups or sew in bra: $10 plus cost of cups/bra (cups are usually $15/pair)

  • Add quilt batting to sweetheart: $20

  • Add bra carrier ribbons: $20 for each set of 2

  • Shoulder alteration: starts at $30

  • Straps shortened: starts at $20

  • Take in/let out through center back (remove/replace zipper or buttons/loops): starts at $100

  • Add corset back/remove zipper: starts at $175

  • Stitch on belt: starts at $25

  • Bustles: $10 per pick up point (button/loop)

  • Custom work, design or re-design, bead work, etc. is billed at a rate of $30/hour **

Bridesmaids, Mothers, Formals, Flowergirls

  • Hems: $60 for 2 layers (add $30 per additional layer and $30 for full circle skirt)

  • Side seam alterations: start at $45 with open lining; $60 with closed lining

  • Shoulder alteration: starts at $30

  • Shoulder alteration with sleeve: starts at $60

  • Spaghetti straps shortened: $20

  • Add bra carrier ribbons/snaps to shoulder or back of gown: $25

  • Add bra cups or sew in bra: $10 plus cost of cups/bra (cups are usually $15/pair)

  • Take in/let out through center back (remove/replace zipper): starts at $60


  • Jean/Basic machine stitched $15.00

  • Blind hem (machine) $15.00

  • Blind hem (hand sewn) $20.00

  • Hem w/ cuff $20.00

  • Euro hem (skinny or straight leg) $20.00

  • Euro hem (boot cut or flared leg) $25.00

  • Hem w/side slash $15.00

  • Hem w/ lining $20.00 min.

Hems/Skirts - Dresses (not formal wear)

  • Basic hem - straight skirt $20.00

  • Basic hem - full skirt $30.00

  • Basic hem w/ kick pleat $30.00

  • with lining add $5.00

  • Hand stitched hems $30.00 (minimum)

Suit/Jacket Alterations

  • Take in through back seam $25.00

  • Shorten sleeves $25.00

  • Shorten sleeves with placket and buttons $45.00

  • Replace or move buttons $.50 ea plus cost of buttons

  • Replace lining starts at $50.00 plus cost of lining


  • Replace in skirt or pant $20.00 plus cost of zipper

  • Replace in front fly start at $25.00 start plus cost of zipper

  • Replace in jacket or coat start at $30.00 plus cost of zipper

  • Replace in dress (invisible) $25.00 plus cost of zipper

Pant Alterations

  • Take in through Center Back

  • *existing waistband seam $10.00

  • *w/ belt loops $15.00

  • *w/out existing waistband seam $15.00

  • *w/ belt loops $20.00

  • Take in through side seams

  • *existing waistband seams $15.00

  • *w/belt loops $20.00

  • *w/out existing waistband seams $20.00

  • *w/belt loops $25.00

  • Add darts to back $5.00

  • Taper leg through hip $10.00

  • Taper bottom of legs $10.00 plus cost to hem

Blouse/Jacket alterations

  • Take in through sides $10.00 (min)/$20 if alteration includes resetting sleeve and hem

  • Shorten sleeves w/out cuff $10.00

  • Shorten sleeves w/cuff $20.00

  • Hem blouse or T shirt $10.00

 **Allyn’s Fabric in south Denver is my main resource for find matching lace, fabric, beads, appliques, etc. to do additions or redesign for gowns and I have wonderful results with their help. However, due to the drive time and the time needed to find the perfect match for your dress, there is a $50 trip charge for this service in addition to the cost of the fabric, etc.